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Christie's Locket

Gold, Guarded Memories

19 July
I realized a few weeks ago that I am not done dealing with something I thought I had wrapped up. It's not that I was in denial or anything, or that I am really messed up, it's just that I thought I was at a place where I could look back on it and be happy. I thought I was through all the hard stuff. And I guess I'm not. So I decided to make this blog as a way to cope with it and put stuff out in the open, for the whole wide web to see.

In this blog you will most likely get a view of me a a sad, depressing emo kid who sits in her room all day and thinks about how much life sucks. This is definitely not the case. I'm generally a happy person, though also generally a bit stressed. It happens when you're a college student. :) I love Jesus, I love music, I love poetry and philosophy and photography. I have blonde hair and bluish-gold-green eyes. I love my dog Blu and my sisters, and I couldn't have asked for better parents. I am apparently a creeper, according to my friends, and extraordinarily talented at creating awkward moments. When I was ten my friend and I convinced ourselves that we were aliens and proceeded to draw pictures of the creatures that inhabited the rest of the universe with us. I'm a little weird, but who isn't, and I'm a lot romantic. I'm into the icky, sticky, ooey, gooey, lovey, dovey, oh-so-heart-warming love that is usually showcased in Disney movies. But don't worry, I'm a bit of a realist, too. I have incredible optimism when it comes to love, but I also know what's more impossible than probable. I can keep dreaming, though. Man, I could go on like that for a while.

As you can see, there's more to me than just dealing with this right now. But I do feel like this is something I need to do, as a coping mechanism for my resurfaced emotional scars. Thanks for listening. <3
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